A Prayer for the Animals

by Daniel Kirk
Putnam, 2001
Bus Stop


Book description
A picture book for all ages, but especially young elementary and pre-school age children

From pets to farm animals, to creatures of the deep blue sea, every animal deserves love.
They should have the things that we all desire; good food to eat, a nice place to sleep,
and the company of friends and family. The trust and loyalty between humans and our animal friends is something very special, bringing meaning and purpose to our lives and teaching us about caring for others.

A Prayer for the Animals” provides us with a special blessing to say to all the animals in our lives and those all around the world. Hopeful and lyrical, it’s the perfect quiet-time or bedtime story for animal lovers everywhere. It’s a heartwarming prayer for all animals, with the hopeful message that we are all connected, and we all deserve respect and love.


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