Drag Racer

by Daniel Kirk

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Bus Stop


Book description
A middle grade novel

Lance LeShane is a Drag racer. In a remote corner of Appalachia, in the not-too-distant future, Lance’s uncle Micah is the outlaw who runs the illegal races. No one but the military is supposed to own a Drag, a fire-breathing genetic hybrid used to fight foreign wars—but Micah keeps six of the Drags hidden in the backwoods, and trains them to race. Though owning the giant flying lizards is a crime, racing them is a path that holds the promise of money and fame.
Can Lance find a way to get ahead in an enterprise built on corruption and greed? Are the Drags more than wild beasts that must be tamed to serve their human masters? In this compelling fantasy, Lance learns the meaning of family, trust and loyalty…and the hard-earned skills it takes to be a winner.
183 pages.


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