In a Book

July 26, 2015


I just finished making a music video and I wanted to share it with you here…it’s kind of about Sam, the Library Mouse (because he is in the video) but it’s mostly about the pleasures of reading and writing.  

First step: I created the song with my friend Paul. We recorded the music one track at a time, starting with drums and bass, followed by guitars, and finally, the voice. I sang the words over the top, and I kept doing it over and over until I got it right!  

Second step: I got into the Library Mouse costume and drove to about seven or eight locations, where my son Russell videotaped me, running around, reading, playing the guitar, and dancing. 

Third step: I put all of these things together in IMovie. Russell edited all of the pieces together, making sure the words of the song synced with the images.

Fourth step: I got a young and talented friend from the neighborhood to make another little short video about the Library Mouse books. I edited this onto the back of the first part of the video!

Fifth step: I put the finished video on Youtube, and now I am sharing it with you! Click on this link to watch:


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